City Manager's Performance Goals

The City Manager’s Office is established under the City Charter.  Specifically, the City Manager’s Office executes Council direction; provides strategic leadership and implements policy; provides oversight to all City departments; develops and recommends alternatives to address current and future community needs; ensures the City’s financial integrity; provides information on City government to residents; ensures that City services are provided equitably and cost-effectively; and provides oversight for the development of the City budget.  

The City Manager’s Office also ensures that information is effectively communicated to the public, City staff, elected officials, the media and residents.  

The following is a list of my goals as city manager for review.  As always, I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Adopted by City Council: October 23, 2018

Fiscal Sustainability

Develop a Financial Policy that reflect strategies that address pension costs, Deferred Maintenance and continues to meet Government Finance Officer Association (GFOA) standards.

UPDATE 7/3/19: Policy approved by the City Council's Finance Committee on 1/28/19; adopted by the full council on 6/25/19.
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Each fiscal year, prepare a balanced budget. The budget should be performance based and include department goals and objectives.

UPDATE 7/24/20: The Fiscal Year 2020/2021 Budget was adopted by the full council on June 30, 2020 despite large revenue variance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Resolution No. 2020-280)

UPDATE 7/3/19: The Fiscal Year 2019/2020 budget was approved by the Finance Committee on 5/2/19 and adopted by the full council on 6/25/19. (Resolution No. 2019-304)

UPDATE 4/19/19: The Fiscal Year 2019/2020 budget is currently being developed.  Stay tuned for a draft of the overall city and departmental budgets, which will be presented at the City Council workshops (open to the public) during the week of April 29, 2019.
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Assess and recommend PERS strategies for long-term fiscal sustainability for city operations.

UPDATE 7/3/19: The city hired Bartel & Associates to look at long-term liability and to identify strategies for fiscal sustainability. The firm is developing a roadmap and working with the city's labor unions to identify solutions.

The city adopted a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Fire Department labor group which included a 1% employee "give-back" toward Unfunded Accrual Liability (UAL).

The Police Department labor groups agreed to a 1.5% employee "give-back" toward the Unfunded Accrual Liability (UAL). (Resolution No. 2019-313)
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Economic Development

Develop strategies and a comprehensive plan for funding and construction of transportation related projects that consider the multiple funding options.

UPDATE 11/5/19: The Transportation Plan for Fiscal Years 2019/20 through 2023/24 and 5-Year Measure L Plan was adopted by the Modesto City Council as presented by staff. (Resolution No. 2019-502)
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Finalize the current General Plan Amendment and begin process for Comprehensive General Plan Update.

UPDATE 4/19/19: The General Plan Amendment was adopted by the City Council on March 5, 2019. The Comprehensive General Plan Update will commence in 2019, and staff is currently drafting a plan that will identify the action items, budget, and overall timeline for major milestones and completion. (Resolution No. 2019-109)

UPDATE 2/4/19: The General Plan Amendment was reviewed at a joint study session of the City Council and Planning Commission on December 17, 2018; formally adopted by the Planning Commission at a workshop on 1/28/19.
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Improve ease of doing business with City government by exploring strategies that streamline city operations.

UPDATE 7/24/20: Permitting Efficiency Plan was adopted by council on May 26, 2020. (Resolution No. 2020-229)

UPDATE 7/3/19: Efficiency Study was presented to the City Council's Audit Committee on 1/17/19.

Initiated Tenant Improvements (TI) expedited plan check - Tenant Improvement (TI) Tuesdays.

Finalizing an online system to support development process.
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Work with our Downtown partners to establish a vision for a vibrant Downtown.

UPDATE 9/8/20: The Downtown Master Plan was presented to the Economic Development Committee on 6/1/10 and adopted by the full council on August 11, 2020. (Resolution No. 2020-334)

UPDATE 7/3/19: The City Council approved a contract with Opticos Design, Inc. for the preparation of the Downtown Master Plan on 5/14/19.

UPDATE 4/19/19: A Request for Proposals for qualified firms to develop the Downtown Master Plan went out on November 9, 2018; 11 proposals submitted by the due date of December 14, 2018 reviewed.  A firm has been identified to perform the study, and this agreement will go before the City Council's Finance Committee on April 22, 2019.  
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Develop a comprehensive Economic Development Strategy that captures the efforts of our community partners that drives growth in the region.

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Organizational Excellence

Develop a new Strategic Plan that will guide staff toward Council priorities, with intentional goal- setting, benchmarks, and performance metrics.

UPDATE 10/8/19: The Citywide 5-Year Strategic Plan was official adopted by the Modesto City Council as presented by staff. (Resolution No. 2019-463)

UPDATE 4/19/19: A series of public town hall meetings have been conducted to receive resident feedback on the Strategic Plan; one final town hall meeting was held April 25, 2019. Feedback received at these town halls will be combined with the feedback received through the recent Community Survey and will inform the final Strategic Plan.

UPDATE 3/5/19: A consultant was brought in to provide technical assistance in guiding city staff, council and community through the Strategic Plan process.

Public engagement meeting held on 1/14/19.

Focus groups with committee chairs/vice-chairs held on 1/9/19.
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Develop a Succession Plan that will identify future leaders of the organization.

UPDATE 7/24/20: The Succession Plan was adopted by council on February 25, 2020. (Resolution No. 2020-101)

UPDATE 7/3/19: The initial draft has been developed and is currently being reviewed by the Senior Executive Team. 
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Conduct a Community Survey to assess how the citizens  view our City government.

UPDATE 7/3/19: Through a partnership with California State University, Stanislaus, an analysis of the community survey responses has been created and will be shared with the public.

UPDATE 4/19/19: The 2019 Community Survey closed on February 15, 2019.  Nearly 700 responses were received from the public, and a report of the feedback received will be available on the city website soon.
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Build an internal framework of standards and processes intended to engage and motivate employees.

UPDATE 7/3/19: Worked with a consultant to develop a core group of City Manager direct reports who are implementing a vision called #ReimagineGovernment.

Created internal working groups made up of managers and supervisors to address four critical cultural issues within the organization, as reported out from the most recent employee survey.

Update 4/19/19: A new Employee Engagement Committee was formed in June 2018.  This committee has representatives from each city department, and assists the City Manager's office with internal communication.  
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Public Safety

Continue exploring data driven tools including predictive policing, community-based policing, and ensure high-quality neighborhood engagement.

UPDATE 7/24/20: Increased build-out of the Real Time Crime Center, use of integrated camera system, and body-worn cameras.

UPDATE 7/3/19: Installed automated license plate readers and instituted downtown beat health team.
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Explore with our community partners a regional Fire service model.

UPDATE 7/24/20: We continue to explore more regional partners.

UPDATE 7/3/19: The city entered into an agreement with the City of Oakdale and Oakdale Fire Protection District to provide fire service for the area.  City council approved this new agreement on 6/11/19. (Resolution No. 2019-270)
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Continue to partner with the County on Focus on Prevention and to implement the Community Assessment, Response, & Engagement (CARE) program and develop strategies in coordination with other governmental agencies and other sectors of the community to address ongoing issues with the homeless population.

UPDATE 7/24/20: Entering into multi-jurisdictional Memorandum of Understanding for ongoing enforcement of illegal camps.

UPDATE 7/24/20: Completed Kansas House, Access Center, and Low-Barrier Shelter

UPDATE 7/3/19: Downtown Streets Team program approved by City Council on 12/11/18.

Working with Caltrans on the Operations Clean Sweep program to help address homeless issues in state right-of-way (Ready to Work).

Engaged Turning Point to operate outdoor emergency shelter.

Moved homeless encampment from Beard Brook Park to under the Ninth Street bridge by creating partnerships with local businesses for a more secure, better managed temporary homeless camp.

Approved partnership with Stanislaus County and the Salvation Army in February 2019 for the creation of a 180-bed low-barrier shelter.
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